Your listens mean a lot... we know this

In fact, we always have. From Pippa to Acast, we've always recognized the importance of understanding and analyzing your podcast performance, which is why providing detailed and advanced analytics is something we've proudly offered.

Since our inception as Pippa, the podcast tech company acquired by Acast in 2019, we have always adhered to the IAB working group's standards for podcast measurement, even in the nascency of this field.

And then there came IAB v2

So we advanced our analytics system again... most significantly when the IAB standards moved to v2, where the most crucial change was specifying the "window" during which to count or ignore duplicate plays, which was accomplished by fingerprinting the requests as they came in.

On the most conservative position, if an episode receives more than one play in a 24 hour "window" from the same user agent (e.g. Apple Podcasts) and the same IP address, this is counted just as 1 play.

While opinion continues to diverge among podcast and web experts about the most accurate "window", we permit podcasters to select the window themselves in our advanced settings. The default setting is 24 hours, which, though strict, does provide a robust safeguard against bots and other erroneous traffic.

You + Acast + IAB certified data

Since the standards of the new streams system and the old one differ in certain respects, it is expected that the total tallies for any given show may differ also. However, as mentioned, these two implementations have been aiming at the same result: the accurate analysis of podcast listeners and the systematic exclusion of bots and other aberrant traffic. Simply put, data that both you and advertisers can count on.

Want to learn more about IAB and why it's so important? Check out the details here!

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