Supporter is a pretty awesome feature we're proud to make available to our podcasters. To make sure you've got all the information regarding supporter at your disposal, here are some FAQs we've collected:

Q. What’s the cost to creators using it?

A. There’s no direct cost, although each transaction will be subject to a 12% charge, covering the standard transaction fee charged by Stripe (the platform being used to process payments) and a small fee recouped by Acast — in line with other similar donation platforms — to cover the handling and infrastructure costs needed for the product to run.

Q. What’s the cost to listeners?

A. Acast does not charge listeners any fees on transactions, but there may be charges imposed by their bank or card provider.

Q. How do my supporters pay?

A. We’re using Stripe to process payments, which supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit and credit card.

Q. How will I receive the money as a creator?

A. You’ll receive the payments directly from Stripe on a monthly basis with an invoice to show the transactions.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum amount?

A. We’ve set a minimum payment value of $3.00 — or equivalent in the listener’s local currency. The maximum is $3,000 or equivalent.

Have more questions? Just pop into a chat with us and we'll be happy to answer them for you!

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