What is a private feed?

Private feeds can contain episodes that you want to keep exclusive and private—not listed on iTunes or elsewhere—allowing you the ability to share with specific listeners. This is useful for people who want to provide bonus/advanced/paid content for VIP listeners, or if you want to limit the listenership to a specific team or organization.

As Private Shows, they won't be added to public directories like iTunes. However, the designated listeners can access them using many ordinary podcast apps (like Acast, Apple Podcasts, Overcast, or Castbox) by adding the private RSS feed manually.

How does it work?

A public Acast RSS feed looks like this:

A private feed works only with a unique "token" at the end of the private RSS feed URL:
Without a token or with an expired one, the feed will hide the enclosure containing the mp3 file.

How do I create a private feed?

We're happy to provide private feeds as part of our Acast Ace plan. The pricing structure remains the same (pay per show), and the process is quite simple.

Go to your Show Settings, and open the Advanced section, and then toggle the "Private Show" switch on.

What does "generate new token" mean?

You can choose to generate a new token whenever you would like to invalidate the previous one. For example, if you believe your old token has been compromised or shared, or if you wish to limit access to a new group of people. Generating a new token prevents all subscribers who previously had access to your content from accessing your show.

My show is private. What now?

Now, it's time to share with your followers. Go back to the top of your screen and find the drop-down menu that reads Share Links.

sharing your private podcast with your audience

Now you can share the link to your customizable website or private RSS feed with your community.

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