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Let listeners show their support for your podcast through one-off contributions.

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Acast Supporter

During these changing times it may be tougher for you to release your regular Podcast shows and episodes due to financial constraints. At the same time, many podcast followers are looking for ways to support the content that helps get them through. Acast Supporter is the newest feature that allows your audience to show their support with a one off contribution. No subscription needed.

Your supporters can choose the amount* that suits them and show their support for your show in a way that doesn’t require a regular amount being deducted or for podcasters to come up with other exclusive content or offers at a time where that may not be feasible.

*The amount can be anything from $3 up to $3000 if they are so generous.

This update is available to our customers at all plan levels.

How To Set-Up Supporter

Click on LEARN MORE in the new dashboard alert.

Acast users will see the following alert on their show dashboard:

If the banner has gone, you can also enable the Supporter feature by heading to 'Website' and looking under 'Links'.

Choose your preferred currency.

You can also select a suggested donation amount (Listeners can always change the amount if they choose).

Easily customize your Supporter landing page.

The default will display the show’s cover art but you can upload another header if you choose.

Add a headline text and short description as well as a thank you note that will be displayed after a listener makes a donation.

Record a promo to let your audience know about Supporter.

Though we will provide fall-back generic promotions, we encourage podcasters to produce and upload their own call to action. Promotions will play as pre-rolls and be the first thing a listener hears.

The key messages are:

  • Your listeners can now support your show through the Supporter feature from Acast

  • It’s up to them how much they give, and there’s absolutely no subscription or regular commitment

  • To get started they just need to follow the “Support this show” link in either your show description or any episode description

Additional messages you may want to add:

  • With Apple Pay or Google Pay it’ll take less than 30 seconds

  • Listeners can also add their own message that you’ll see alongside their contribution

Further advice:

  • Try to keep the message short and to the point — around 15-30 seconds

  • Deliver the read in your own unique style, and put your own spin on it

  • It’s up to you how much or how little you want to sound-design the promo with SFX, music, or nothing at all — whatever’s going to work best for your show

Update your payment information.

This will connect you with the Stripe payment platform used for Supporter.

*Please note a 12% fee will be charged on all listener donations. This covers both Stripe and Acast processing fees and costs.

Finally, don't forget to add your Supporter link to your shows description and share to all podcatchers.

Another thing to note is that people can add personal messages before processing the contributions. These will be available in a separate dashboard showing both contributions and messages of support.


What’s the cost to creators using it? There’s no direct cost, although each transaction will be subject to a 12% charge as detailed above which will be taken at the moment of donation.

What’s the cost to listeners? Acast does not charge listeners any fees on transactions, but there may be charges imposed by their bank or card provider.

How do they pay? We’re using Stripe to process payments, which supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, debit and credit card..

How will I receive the money as a creator? You’ll receive the contributions after seven days and on a monthly basis we will provide an invoice showing transactions.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount? We’ve set a minimum contribution value of $3.00 — or equivalent in the listener’s local currency. The maximum is $3,000 or equivalent.

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