Acast makes it easy to connect your podcast with Patreon, allowing you to publish episodes directly to your Patreon tiers.

Once you have created or imported a show on Acast, you can then connect your Patreon account. Simply go to Account > Integrations, and then enable the Patreon toggle.

If you came here directly from Patreon, this is likely already done for you.

Then turn on the integration at the show level. Click back over to “Shows” and click on the show you created. Click the “Integrations” tab. Enable the switch for Patreon.

Once completed, the slider should have a yellow check. You’ll see there is an option to Include membership link in show notes. This feature automatically adds your Patreon Subscribe URL (with customizable text) into your podcast episode and show notes. This is a great way automatically to remind listeners to become supporters!

Next step: Assign your episodes to tiers.

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