This article is for users for the Acast dashboard. If you are unsure, please reach out via Intercom.

The following is a guide to setting mid-roll markers on episodes for the purpose of advertising.

Placing these markers is essential to making sure that an advertisement played within the show doesn’t cut in mid-conversation, providing a smooth listening experience for your audience.

*Please note that mid-roll ads can only be placed on files 20 minutes or longer.

For those with multiple midroll ads, these will play in sequence at the chosen time.

  1. Log in to your account, click on the Create tab and select your show. 

  2. Select the episode for which the markers need to be set.

  3. In the middle of the page, select the Edit Markers tab.


You should now see the episode sound file with markers such as below.

Select the mid-roll marker (it will turn red).

You can now drag this marker to your preferred point or select from the “pick a silence” option. When you click on the pick a silence field this will give you a number of time options that you can select from. 

Moving The Marker

Pick a Silence

You can also type a time within the position field.

Acast will automatically save the point selected and now your mid-roll ad is all set.

Common Questions:

How far forwards or backwards can I move the marker? Midroll markers can move anywhere between the pre and post-roll positions.

Should I record a long silence in my episode for the midroll? This is not necessary to do but taking a short pause between subjects of discussions will make it easier to place and will keep the flow for the listener. You also are not required to mention the ad break,

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