In a world of podcasting, sometimes creating a single podcast isn't quite enough. Whether you're a podcaster with multiple podcasts, or a podcast network managing multiple shows, Apple Provider Pages are a great place to tell your listeners what other shows you have available to listen to. 

How? iTunes and Apple Podcasts makes it possible to group podcasts into collections by the same creator or publisher.  When they are set up, they can display multiple shows under a single banner, kind of like this:

Great tool, right? 

So the question is, how to you make the most of this feature on Apple and make sure all of your podcasts are properly linked to you? 

Apple Provider Pages are made, managed, and maintained all on Apple. So your first step is to log into your Apple Podcasts Connect account. Once you've done this, you'll go to Resources & Help > Podcasts > Contact Us, and choose “Podcast Provider Page.” It'll look something like this: 

Here you'll want to indicate all of the relevant bits of information pertaining to you and your podcasts, such as: 

  • Podcast Name

  • Podcast Feed URL

  • Podcast Provider Page Name

  • Specify Apple Podcasts URLs to Add or Remove

Finally, you can add your message to the folks at the Apple Support team. Take this opportunity to include any all information that can streamline this process for you and for them. We would encourage you to include an image file which would be suitable for the Podcast Provider Page. 

For more information direct from Apple, check out there help article here

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