We know you haven't created your podcast so that we can listen to it... you've got a whole slew of listeners out there that are waiting to tune into your show. And we want to make sure that it reaches the ears of the listeners just as much as you do. 

So the big question here is... "What's the difference between submitting my show and distributing my show?" And of course, the follow-up... "I thought you did this for me?"


Show submission is required before your show can appear in any podcatcher's library. The two big libraries (aside from ours) you want to make sure you submit your RSS feed URL to are Apple and Spotify. Apple can take up to 10 days at times before they approve your podcast for publication in their library, whilst Spotify can take up to one week.

So that said, submitting your show looks a bit like this (yep, that's you right there in the center of it all):

Why do you need to submit your show? For starters, this is your show and you've poured your blood, sweat, and tears into creating the perfect show. Because of that, we believe you need to also OWN your show. This means that when it's submitted to the various podcatchers, we think it should be attached to your name and your account (not to ours). Also, we don't know where you want visibility. Maybe you have certain apps you want to make sure it's available on, or there's some newfound app that we don't even know about that you want to make sure your friend's cousin's best friend's aunt can listen on. You just need to submit your RSS feed to that podcatcher and we will take care of the rest. 


Distributing--now this is what we, as your host, do for you (and do well, I might add). 

Once your show has been approved on the various platforms, we will distribute, distribute, distribute! That means hands-off for you...your submissions are done. 

But how does this work? Every time you make a change to your show or episode, we update your RSS feed immediately

Distribution, though, isn't about pushing those updates out to all of the podcatchers. Rather, each podcatcher works on their own pull schedule, whereby they will reach out to the various hosts and request an updated RSS feed. So it looks a bit like this (though not quite in tandem): 

Once they've reached out to us for an update to your feed, we give them the shiny, freshly polished feed that you've worked hard on. Of course, since each podcatcher works on their own pull schedule, we can't tell you exactly what time they'll update everything on their side, so we caution that it can take up to 24 hours before each podcatcher is completely up-to-date on your up-to-date feed. 

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