If you have changed the cover art for your podcast on Create and it has not pulled through to Apple Podcasts, the following steps can help troubleshoot the cause.

  1. The change to the podcast may not have been saved if you haven't confirmed the change by clicking Publish Changes. Use this guide to identify if there are any un-published changes.
  2. The new cover art may not meet Apple Podcasts' minimum image requirements. Use this guide to ensure the cover art you've uploaded meets the Apple Podcasts specification.
  3. Apple Podcasts warn they might not update cover art for a show if the filename is the same as the previous image. Ensure the filename you've given for the new artwork is different (e.g. newcoverart.jpg instead of coverart.jpg) and re-upload if necessary. More information can be found here.
  4. Apple Podcasts' cache for your podcast may not have updated since you changed your cover art. Use this guide to refresh your feed in Podcasts Connect and ensure the cache is cleared.
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