My episode isn't appearing on Apple Podcasts

Subscribers to your show on Apple Podcasts should see new episodes published on Create appear in their feeds right away. However, a fairly common Apple bug can cause non-subscribers (i.e. those looking at the listing for the show on the Apple Podcasts 'Browse' tab) to not see new episodes immediately. This is because Apple Podcasts can take up to 24 hours to update its cache for your show and update the listing with all your new episodes.

If your episode hasn't appeared after 24 hours, you can force Apple Podcasts to refresh its cache for your podcast.

  1. Login to your Podcast Connect account. This will be using the same Apple ID you used to submit the show to Apple Podcasts originally.
  2. Select your show.
  3. Under Additional Information, click Refresh Feed

My episode isn't showing for subscribers on any podcast platform

It's normal for there to be a short delay in episodes appearing in your chosen podcast player after they've been published. But if the episode hasn't published after a short period, go to the the episode's Publish Settings tab, and ensure the episode indicates it has been Published. If there are unpublished changes, you will need to click the Publish Changes button.

If the problem persists, please contact Acast Support.

Tip: If you want to see more listening data from Apple Podcasts, simply navigate to Podcast Analytics in Podcast Connect.

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