Other hosts may cut off a show based on download numbers, upload size or any other imagined metrics. At Acast Open we would never even dream of it (the stuff of nightmares, more like)! Our goal is always to help you grow, increase your reach, and find a Acast Open plan that fits your needs.  Your success is our success!

We work with thousands of Podcasters every day, helping them to get to the next level, whether that means reaching their first 1,000 downloads or expanding their reach to 10,000,000. Every podcast is different in some respects, and your podcast needs may come sooner or later, but here are some patterns we've seen.

After looking through all of our inventory, we've identified certain inflection points where different tools and services can make a real difference to your growth—and we crafted our plans with these goals in mind. 

We've found that once a podcast hits 5,000 downloads they usually have some good momentum, finding success organically by spreading the word to friends, family, and on social media. At this point it really helps to diversify your distribution as much as possible. This means getting your podcast on a variety of platforms to capitalize on that positive momentum. Getting your podcast on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube can help you reach audiences outside of your personal network and makes it easier for your fans to spread the word. At this point, you should definitely be looking into Acast Open's Influencer or Ace plans

The next time to ramp up your show comes at about 10,000 downloads per month. Now you not only have a podcast but a potential business on your hands! At this point, podcast advertisers begin to show interest in accessing your audience to spread the word about their own businesses. That's why all our Aces are able to manage advertiser requests, and dynamically insert and track ad campaigns. Having this many listeners can also be a lot to handle! Many podcasters bring on other team members to help with different parts of the process, whether that means someone to handle listener communications, manage uploads, or edit your show. Acast Open's team management tool allows podcasters to bring on new team-members and grant them different levels of access to ensure that your podcast can scale safely. That means you should definitely be looking at Ace status

If you're hitting 30,000 downloads per month you know your podcast is a real success!  At this point, many podcasters expand their reach even further through new content offerings. That means building more shows, either alone or with other podcasters. Accomplishing this will require all the tools you can get your hands on, and superior support from your host (that's us)! When your new intern posts the wrong episode on a Friday night, you need to know that your hosting provider will be there, ready to help you out at a moments notice. Or when you partner with a new show and need to arrange a custom account configuration, you need to know that there's a highly experienced and reliable team ready to say "Anything is possible!" and to make whatever changes you require. Contact us to find out how we can best help you succeed. 

At Acast Open, our goal is always to provide you, our podcasters, with the right tools at the right time. Our aim is to help you and your podcast succeed.  We know that podcasting is like a marathon. So at the halfway mark, when you need water and an energy bar to keep you going—we've got you. Whether you're at mile 1 or mile 25,  Acast Open is always there to cheer you on!

"Podcast Forrest, podcast!"

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