By submitting your show to be listed and distributed on Apple Podcasts, your podcast will also be available on a range of other podcast players that use the iTunes database of shows. Follow these simple steps to submit your show for approval by Apple Podcasts.

How to submit my show to Apple Podcasts from Acast?

  1. Login to Acast and choose your show from the dashboard.

  2. Click on Settings.

  3. Scroll down to the Distribution section, and click the Submit button alongside Apple Podcasts.

  4. This will open up a new window prompting you to sign in to Apple's Podcasts Connect portal. To submit your show to approval, you must log in using a new or existing Apple ID. (Please note: Your Apple ID must also be activated on the iTunes Store to be able to use Podcasts Connect. More details can be found here.)

  5. Once logged in, your show's RSS information will pass to Podcasts Connect automatically. You can also do so manually, using the steps outlined here. Your show will then be validated, ensuring it is working correctly.

  6. When that validation is complete, click Submit to complete the process.

My show has been submitted to Apple Podcasts, what now?

Approval from Apple Podcasts usually only takes a few days. We recommend allowing up to 10 working days in case of delays. If you have any queries, you can contact Apple's Podcasts support team here.

Once approved, all the episodes you publish on Acast will be made available to your Apple Podcasts subscribers automatically.

Please note: You only need to submit your show to Apple Podcasts once. Once successful, don't submit your show again, as it will create duplicate listings on Apple Podcasts.

I clicked Validate, but there was an error.

Not to worry! First try a simple check of your show settings in Acast to ensure it has been filled out in full. Apple will only approve your show when this information is complete, you have uploaded cover art that adheres to the minimum specification, and you have at least one published episode.

Your Acast setup should already adhere to Apple's technical criteria, but if you continue to run in to issues, contact Acast Support who can assist you.

I have just moved my existing show to Acast. Do I need to submit my feed again?

No, you do not have to submit your show again when you join us. The redirect process we completed with you and your previous host, known as a 301 redirect, ensures Apple Podcasts will pick up this change and update your shows feed accordingly. Your existing subscribers won't notice any changes and don't need to resubscribe to continue getting your new episodes.

Tip: Why not make the first episode you publish on your feed a trailer? It's a great way of promoting your show to new listeners.

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