To upload new episodes, log in to Acast, and select your show from the dashboard. and click .

Uploading an episode

  1. Click the blue New Episode button on the top right to start publishing.

  2. Select the MP3 file you'd like to upload. Acast does not accept WAV files or other audio formats.

  3. Once you've selected an episode you will be directed to a blank Episode Settings page, and your episode will start to encode. This process can take a few minutes, depending on the duration of your episode.

  4. In the meantime you can fill in the episode details, including episode name, its description and any tags.

Once the episode has finished encoding, move on to Edit Markers, the second tab on the top of the page.

Important Note: Episodes are encoded to 128 kbps for Stereo and 64 kbps for Mono.

Editing ad markers

The Edit Markers tab allows you to move the Pre, Mid and Post-Roll ad markers within this episode. You can amend ad markers for episodes at any time, and ad markers must be set before an episode can be published. By default the Pre-Roll ad will play at the start of your episode, and the Post-Roll will play at the very end.

The Mid-Roll marker must be moved to your chosen position before an episode can be published. The Pre and Post-roll markers can optionally be moved too.

  1. The Pre-Roll marker can be placed anywhere in the first 25% of the total duration. 

  2. The Mid-Roll marker can be moved anywhere between the Pre and Post-Roll marker. If you're unsure where to put the Mid-Roll marker, try the Suggested Mid-Roll Position, which uses silences detected in your audio file to provide options for a mid-roll break.

  3. The Post-Roll marker can be placed anywhere in the last 50-100% of the total duration. 

You can skip to Publish Settings, the third tab on the top of the page, at any time. But only once you've adjusted your Mid-Roll marker will you be able to publish the episode.

Publish Settings

Control how your episode is published and shared using Publish Settings.

  1. To schedule the day and time to publish your episode ahead of time, use the date and time picker to set a future date. Click Schedule Publish to complete the process.

  2. Alternatively, choose Set date/time to now to publish the episode right away. Simply click Publish Now for the episode to go live.

Important Note: Acast won't publish changes to your episode settings unless you confirm them. Any time you make changes to an episode's settings, you must go to the Publish Settings tab and click Publish Changes to finalise your changes.

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