If you're starting a show from scratch and first login to Acast, you will find the show on your dashboard. However, the contents of the show will be empty and will need to be filled in. Existing shows can update these same settings at any time.

Update show settings

  • Select your show from the Acast dashboard and click Settings.

  • The required fields must be filled in to complete your show's setup. This consists of the Show Artwork, Description, Categories, Author and Email.

  • Your artwork dimensions must be a minimum size of 1400x1400 pixels, up to a maximum of 3000x3000, in either JPEG or PNG format. Keep your artwork under 512 KB to ensure it's accepted by platforms like Apple Podcasts.

  • The Author of the show will appear as the publisher of the podcast when listeners discover it on a podcast app.

  • The Email address field is where you can input your email address. This will be visible in the show's RSS feed.

Important Note: Always make sure to click Save Changes to save your progress.

To distribute your show, you must first publish an episode. 

In order to distribute your show, an episode must first be published on your feed. This can be your first episode, or a trailer to promote the show's launch. See this guide on how to publish an episode.

Note: Scheduling an episode to publish in the future won't allow you to start distributing your show to other platforms until that date.

How do I distribute my podcast to Apple Podcasts and Spotify?

You can distribute your podcast to both Apple Podcasts and Spotify directly from Acast. Please see the guides on how to submit your show to Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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