YouTube is a great destination for video, but increasingly for audio too. Acast Open makes it easy to share your podcast episodes directly to your YouTube account, helping to expand your audience.

NB: Before uploading any episodes to YouTube, first verify your YouTube account—this is essential.

Setting up your podcast on YouTube

For podcasters on the Influencer or Ace plans, go to your show and you'll see an Integrations tab.

Enable the YouTube switch there, and you'll be prompted to log into YouTube with your Google ID to give Acast Open permission to post to YouTube.

Then you can configure additional YouTube settings, like whether you want your video to be public, or embeddable.

Thereafter, new episodes will automatically be published to YouTube when you publish them on Acast Open!

Note: it can take a little while to generate the YouTube videos, occasionally as long as an hour.

How to publish older episodes to YouTube

  1. Enable YouTube in your account (as above)
  2. Choose the episode you want to share to YouTube
  3. In the Share panel on the left, you'll see a YouTube button. Click that to trigger the YouTube uploader.

Note: Acast Open's Ace users can also generate videos with full background images, here's an example:

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