You might have read about Acast Open's Dynamic Ad tools, which allow you to easily insert and replace ads in your podcasts. This is what makes the ads dynamic: it's that they can be changed when a new ad campaign is made, or can deliver one ad in New York and a different ad in Los Angeles.

These Dynamic Ads work for all ordinary podcast apps which use your RSS feed to retrieve your episodes—apps like iTunes, Overcast, Castbox, Pocket Casts, etc.

Caching and Static Ads

However, not all players work like this: some apps, like Spotify, YouTube and Soundcloud retrieve and then cache your content. This means that the audio published to those channels is fixed, or static, and consequently so are any ads which appear on those episodes.

Because of this, you may prefer to deliver their podcast without ads to those specific channels, rather than deliver a static ad which would remain in the episode in perpetuity. 

Acast Open prioritizes flexibility in our tech, and we give you the choice: you can decide whether you'd like to publish (static) ads to these channels or not. Here's how:

  • Go to your show’s Integrations tab.
  • Toggle the button at the top of the page to Publish Ads to Integrated Channels.

Thereafter, new episodes you post with ads will be pushed to those platforms. As explained above, these episodes may be cached by those apps, and consequently any included ads will be static—and not removed when the ad campaign is complete.

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