Why analytics matter
At Acast, we take analytics very seriously, and we're committed to following best practices for accurate and transparent reporting.

Beyond the simple pleasure of knowing that people are appreciating all the hard work and passion it takes to craft a top-notch show, analytics are an essential part of taking your show from a hobby to something much bigger than you'd even imagined.

How to see your stats on Acast

Here's a screenshot of Acast's dashboard below with some key points.

  1. You can access Acast's Analytics dashboard by clicking the Analytics button in the top navigation bar. These download numbers include plays or streams from every podcast app (like Acast, iTunes, Google Play, Overcast etc.) as well as whenever your episode is embedded and played on a website.

  2. You can then narrow your search to specific date range

  3. Click the Export button to get a detailed spreadsheet download of the data

  4. If your podcast is on Spotify, Acast displays your Spotify stats in the second tab.

How long do people listen to my podcast?

Only the individual podcast player apps have access to information about how long people listen to each podcast. Since they don't share this information with anybody, it's impossible for us to know how long people listen to each podcast, or be able to estimate that information for you. 

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